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Solid Foods for Your 10-12 Month old Baby - We know what we like and we want to feed ourselves!

Your 10-12 Month old baby has developed a few favorite foods by now. He may also have developed a preference for feeding himself and a distaste for thin runny purees.

As we note in our Is my Baby a Picky Eater page, your baby may suddenly begin to refuse to eat. She's simply too busy to stop exploring her world and she may get quite miffed when you put her in her highchair to eat. With her independence growing, she may also begin to show preferences for certain foods and Refuse to be Spoon Fed. Take heart - this stage of baby feeding, while quite challanging, will soon pass. Let your baby be your guide and try not to get frustrated. It's important for baby to decide the foods she wants to eat. Before you know it, your baby will be eating all the adult foods and enjoying adult meals.

As with your 8-10 month old, continue to expand baby's palate with new flavors. Experiment with new spices (8 months old) and new flavorful combinations. Offer your little foodie a yummy chicken curry for example.
Pasta, veggies, and fruit should all be soft cooked and possibly mashed with a fork or masher. (Bananas need only be mashed.)

Meats and proteins such as egg yolk, should be cooked and pureed or chopped into small soft bits. If offering Tofu, you need not cook it first.

Remember, baby will not have molars until sometime around the 12-18 month age range. Foods should be easily mashed between the gums.
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familyblogsa said...

When my boys was that age, it was also frustating if they don't want to eat or if they get distracted, but I treasure all those moments. Enjoy the moments with your baby.

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