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3 years old activity

Introduce food assistants

After 6 months, the nutritional needs of small is no longer enough just to be with breastfeeding. Time to provide a more solid food on it.
My solid food should not be before the age of 6 months. In addition to exclusive breastfeeding, alimentary tract has not been able to absorb the baby solid food and absorb vitamin complex. Food is not digested kidney would make the baby that is not yet mature.
At the age of 6 months, the channel already cooked food, ability to swallow the baby is mature, he can sit down, the small teeth are almost grown. Besides, the baby has also lost reflex stick tongue. To find out, try enter the food with your thumb. When he opens his mouth, that means he is ready to get food.
I suggested as much, hopefully this is a useful for you. because I always write based on facts.

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