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A doctor in the U.S. succeeded in removing the tumor form of discounts feet, hands, brain and thigh of a new baby aged three days. This operation is done by children nerve surgeon, Dr. Paul Grabb, in Colorado, U.S., against Sam Esquibel after the MRI scan results show there is a tumor in the brain mikroskopik baby is.

The findings in the brain in male infants is relatively healthy this rarely heard before and will again remind the Greek mythological god of the highest birth to Zeus's daughter eyebrow. Dr. Grabb running operation in the Memorial Hospital for Children, Colorado Springs, claim to have found a snippet of the foot to grow almost perfectly with the five-finger discount, together with one other leg, a hand, and a thigh.

"As the issue in a baby's brain," Grabb said. "The body of the snippet that is almost perfect growing quite unique, strange, and never heard before," he said.

Grabb not know exactly how the discount body can grow in the brain. However, the surgeon is the child's nerve discount the possibility the body as a type of brain tumor derived.

"The growth of the tumor can be entered in the case of fetus in fetu or a baby in the baby, but this case is very rare in the brain," Grabb said.

Parents, Sam, and Tiffnie Manuel Esquibel, explains, their son is now undergoing treatment at home. In addition to physical therapy to restore the function of organs neck, Sam still undergo monthly blood checks to make sure there are no symptoms or cancer or tumor re-growth.

However, Tiffnie and explains Manuel Esquibel, baby men they had almost fully recover after undergoing surgery on October 3. "You will not know if the operation scar in the head of my baby," said Esquibel explained Tiffnie cure her son.

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