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Eczema is a skin irritation that appears as patches of dry, red scaly skin which may become moist. It usually appears on baby’s face, behind the ears, around their neck, behind their knees and on the inside of elbows.

Eczema can aggravate for the following causes:

* Could be in your family history
* Certain foods can provoke attacks in infants
* Rough, scratchy tight clothes, woollens and synthetics
* Everyday use of strong soaps for bathing
* Frequent use of strong detergents for washing clothes
* Perfumed cream an lotions
* Dust (keep your house and carpet clean)
* Overheating.

What to do about it?

* Your baby’s skin is very sensitive, so dress baby in soft, light, loose and smooth cotton clothes, but make sure you don’t overdress her.

* Bath your baby in lukewarm water and avoid soaps and cleansing lotions. Use sorbolene for bathtime and nappy changes.

* Put mittens on baby’s hands to stop them from scratching

* Avoid using fabric softeners or wool mix; just use pure soap to wash bab ‎y’s clothes.

* Place a cotton sheet on the floor before you put baby down, do not put her on the carpet. Also vacuum the house regularly.

* Avoid dairy foods, eggs, fish, wheat, peanuts and citrus fruit.

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