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My name Is Valerie Zara Rachel

baby growth

Since I was born my mom gave me breast feeding and I like the taste... so pure... make me health and strong, better than another milk.

ow im almost 6 month old and i ready to crawl hihi.....but I have 1 bad habit, "i like to suck my thumb". actually im so shy to tell it. I try to not to do that but i cant... my mom try to give me pacifier but it not works, i change with my thumb hihi....
now I want to share my life with u all...
and im so glad if you want to give your opinion about me and my bad habit

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pistol mechanic said...
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pistol mechanic said...

hello Valerie Zara Rachel, you have a beautiful name and you look so cute, you are 6 month old, but you look like 10 month :), your bad habit is suck your thumb, but you should not doing that when you're 1 year old, and never use your brother "daniel" thumb to doing your habit

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